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Gobo Eiffel Doc, or gedoc for short, is an open source command-line Eiffel documentation generator. Among other things, it is able to produce HTML documentation from Eiffel classes or Eiffel libraries. It can also be used as an Eiffel pretty-printer or as an ECF converter.

This documentation of gedoc is structured as follows:

Using gedoc
Command-line options, supported formats.
Using gedoc as an Eiffel pretty-printer.
HTML Format
Generating HTML files using ISE's stylesheet.
Implicit conversions
Using gedoc to show implicit conversions, and to make them explicit.
ECF Pretty-Printer
Using gedoc as an ECF pretty-printer and converter.
ECF Available Targets
Getting the list of available ECF targets.
See Also
Related resources and acknowledgments.
Downloading Instructions
License agreement and downloading instructions.

Copyright 2017-2020, Eric Bezault
Last Updated: 30 May 2020