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gedoc can be used to figure out the list of available targets in an ECF file.

List of available targets

Here is how to get the list of available targets in the ECF file project.ecf:

	gedoc --format=available_targets project.ecf
This will display to the standard output (console window) the list of targets in the order found in the ECF file project.ecf.

Checking that a target is available

It is also possible to check whether a given target exists in an ECF file:

gedoc --format=available_targets --target=foo project.ecf
In addition to displaying the list of targets found in the ECF file project.ecf, the command will exit with a non-zero exit code if the target foo does not exist. This can be used in combination with the option --silent in a script in order to determine what ECF target to use before invoking the Eiffel compiler.

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Last Updated: 24 October 2018