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The main concern of the Gobo Eiffel Project is to provide the Eiffel community with free and portable Eiffel tools and libraries. That way, you can still use your favorite Eiffel compiler while taking advantage of the goodies included in Gobo Eiffel.

Gobo Eiffel 3.9 already consists of fourteen Eiffel libraries:

and nine utilities:

Note that these utilities are not needed if you just want to use the library classes provided in this package (unless you got the classes from SVN).

The supported Eiffel compilers, in alphabetical order, are: Gobo Eiffel Compiler (gec) 3.9, ISE Eiffel (Classic and .NET). For more details about the supported Eiffel compilers, please see the Readme.txt and Release_notes.txt files. This software might also work with other Eiffel compilers and/or other compiler versions, however no test has been made yet.

A list of the known defects along with eventual bug fixes or workarounds is available in the bug tracker on SourceForge. If you find a bug which does not appear in this list yet, please report it. We will try to provide a bug fix as soon as possible (usually within one or two days). You can also subscribe to the Gobo Eiffel mailing list and take part to the discussions or ask your questions there. Another mailing list for discussions about the features under development in the SVN version is hosted at SourceForge.

Download Gobo Eiffel can be downloaded from various FTP sites worldwide. The development version of the Gobo project is also available via SVN from SourceForge.

Copyright 1997-2008, Eric Bezault
Last Updated: 20 Novenber 2008