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The Gobo Eiffel Tools Library is an Eiffel class library useful for writing tools that expect Eiffel source code as input. It provides Ace and Xace parsers, an Eiffel parser which generates Abstract Syntax Trees, and numerous processors traversing these ASTs to perform code analysis using various compilation techniques. Tools that can take advantage of this library are Eiffel compilers and interpreters, lint-like tools, pretty-printers or flat-short form generators, test tools, ctags-like tools, Eiffel reflection generators, Eiffel preprocessing tools, and more.

This documentation is structured as follows:

Ace Files
Purpose, syntax and semantics of Ace files.
ECF Files
Purpose, syntax and semantics of ECF files.
Xace Files
Purpose, syntax and semantics of Xace files.
Eiffel Built-in Routines
How to add a new Eiffel built-in routine.
Examples of applications based on this library.
Limitations, bugs and other deficiencies.
See Also
Bibliographical references, related resources and acknowledgments.
Downloading Instructions
License agreement and downloading instructions.

Copyright 2006, Eric Bezault
Last Updated: 14 May 2010