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Eiffel: The Language

This section is dedicated to the Eiffel language, providing technical information about the language, its standardization and the different compilers and libraries available on the market.

ELKS '95
The Eiffel Library Standard, vintage 95.
ELKS 2001
The Eiffel Library Standard, vintage 2001.
Eiffel: The Syntax
An annotated Eiffel syntax specification aimed at writers of Eiffel tools.

Gobo Eiffel Project

The main concern of the Gobo Eiffel Project is to provide the Eiffel community with free and portable Eiffel tools and libraries. Among the documentation available on-line:

Gobo Eiffel Argument Library
An Eiffel library to parse command-line arguments.
Gobo Eiffel Math Library
An Eiffel library containing decimal classes.
Gobo Eiffel Structure Library
A data structure Eiffel library.
Gobo Eiffel Time Library
A date and time Eiffel library.
Gobo Eiffel XML Library
An XML Eiffel library.
Gobo Eiffel Compiler
An Eiffel compiler (still under development).
Gobo Eiffel Lex
A lexical analyzer generator for Eiffel.
Gobo Eiffel Yacc
A parser generator for Eiffel.
Gobo Eiffel Test
A tool for generating, compiling and running Eiffel tests.
Gobo Eiffel XSLT Processor
An XSLT processor written with the Gobo Eiffel XML Library.

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